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Combination Smoke and Heat Detector CM-WTK55
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Combination Smoke and Heat Detector

▪ It has the functions of both photoelectric type smoke detector and fixed temperature heat detector.

▪ The sensitive part is enclosed to prevent from being moistened and contaminated.

▪ Self-restoring ensures the elements repeated use and by removing the cover can maintain and clean easily.

▪ The P.C.B. is used in SMT design. It can achieve the requests of good quality and long-term durability.

▪ It uses advanced linear electronic circuit process, so it could response quickly. (Operating voltage 12Vto 30VDC)

▪ The detector is designed to prevent from the electromagnetic wave; the P.C.B. is made to prevent from moisture.

▪ Connections are non-polarized to avoid wiring mistakes.



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 CM-BS21                                      CM-BS21 2-wire


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 CM-BS31                                      CM-BS31 3-wire                               CM-BS31 3-wire


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CM-BS41                                      CM-BS41 4-wire                               


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