What Is a Rate of Rise Heat Detector?

What Is a Rate of Rise Heat Detector?
A Rate of Rise Heat Detector senses the heat in the room and triggers the fire alarm when the rate of temperature increase in the surroundings rises above a certain level. In normal conditions, air expanded by a small amount of heat is allowed to escape from the vent. During a fire, the temperature in the room increase rapidly, the expanded air will push the diaphragm up and close the contacts, sending the alarm signal to the fire alarm control panel.

Where To Use a Rate of Rise Heat Detector?
A Rate of Rise Heat Detector is ideal for use in environments such as warehouses, factories, storage facilities or garages that have a high amount of airborne particles due to increased steam, dust or moisture will not benefit from smoke detectors. In such cases, heat detectors become a preferred choice as they focus on temperature to detect fires.

Chung Mei offers the most competitive rate of rise heat detectors on the market:
CM-WS26L is 2-wire type, which is the most popular one among clients.
CM-WS14LR is 3-wire type, which provides an extra S contact to connect to a remote indicating lamp (CM-RL1) that indicates where the alarm signal is.

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