What Is a Multi-Purpose Heat Detector?

What Is a Multi-Purpose Heat Detector?
A Multi-Purpose Heat Detector (or Combined Rate of Rise & Fixed Temperature Heat Detector) is equipped with combination temperature heat sensors that sense the heat in the room and trigger alarm signal to fire alarm control panel either the rate of rising temperature increases above a certain level or the temperature exceeds a certain level, providing more secure and reliable detection functions.

Advantages of a Multi-Purpose Heat Detector?
1. One detector with 2 types of heat sensors in order to provide a timely response to both rapid and slow     
    temperature increases.

2. Require no external power source or batteries because it is mechanically operated.
3. Maximize the life safety and Minimize property damage.

Chung Mei offers the most competitive Multi-Purpose Heat Detector on the market: CM-WSK701
Stable and High Quality: Stabilized performance and least-malfunction are ensured by employing a UL approved sensor.
Accuracy and Durability: The exhaust valve of R.O.R Heat sensor uses heat-resistant and moisture-proof components to prevent false alarm and to have long term durability.
Reusable: Self-restoring function ensures the elements repeatedly use.

Model Information:
There are various models of CM-WSK701 for different needs:
CM-WSK701: 2-wire without polarity. Standard type, the thermal setting of fixed temperature sensor is 70°C.
CM-WSK701-31: 3-wire with polarity. It provides an extra S contact to connect to a remote indicating lamp (CM-RL1) that indicates where the alarm signal is. The thermal setting of fixed temperature sensor is 70°C.
CM-WSK701-31H: 3-wire with polarity. The base is equipped with signal-reserved function design. The thermal setting of fixed temperature sensor is 70°C.
CM-WSK701-41: 4-wire without polarity. It provides extra NO&COM contacts to connect with siren or to transfer signal to other devices. The thermal setting of fixed temperature sensor is 70°C.

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