What is Fire Detector/Fire Sensor?

What is Fire Detector/Fire Sensor?

Fire detector/fire sensor can detect one or more products or phenomena caused by fire, such as smoke, heat, infrared or gas.

Fire detector/fire sensor can be used as a complete set of fire alarm equipment with the fire alarm control panel, or can be a stand-alone equipment. Fire detectors/fire sensors are connected with fire alarm control panel and the accessories, such as manual call points, alarm bells, fire indicating lamps...etc., to form a complete set of fire alarm system for comprehensive fire protection. The Suitable installation occasions can be residential buildings, commercial buildings, resorts, department stores, restaurants, factories, warehouses, concert halls... etc.

The other application of the fire detector is a stand-alone type of device. When there are restrictions of budget or of building structure, a complete set of fire alarm system is not allowed/preferable to be installed. Then another available option is to apply stand-alone type of fire detectors. The stand-alone type fire detectors do not require complicated wiring/cabling, you can simply use dry batteries or plugs to power it. The suitable installation occasions include small residential, old houses, budget-limited cases, etc.

Fire detection usually takes the form of a fire alarm system, combined with one or more of the following detector equipment:

Heat Detectors
Smoke Detectors
Beam Detectors
Gas detectors

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