What is Fire Alarm Accessories?

What is Fire Alarm Accessories?

Fire alarm accessories play an indispensable role in the fire alarm system, and are normally used with fire alarm control panel and fire detectors. The key function of fire alarm accessories is to alert people via vision or auditory sense. When a fire alarm occurs, people can understand the situation on the scene through the warning sound and light emitted by the fire alarm accessories immediately, and thus escape from the fire scene as soon as possible.

The fire alarm accessories are mainly divided into four parts:

1. Warning sound: The equipment includes fire alarm bell and electronic bell. When the fire detectors detect a fire, the alarm bell will ring loudly to warn people to escape from the fire scene at early stage.

2. Warning light: The equipment includes fire indicating lamp and remote indicating lamp. When the detectors detect a fire, the fire indicating lamp will be blinking to alert people to escape, and remote indicating lamp will be light on to make people know where the fire originated.

3. Emergency: The equipment includes fire manual call point and fire manual station. When people find or see the fire happening, they can quickly trigger the emergency equipment, such as fire manual call point, fire alarm manual call point or fire manual station, to alert other people to escape from the fire scene as soon as possible.

4. The other parts: The test equipment includes test device of smoke & heat detector and smoke detector tester.
The test equipment is used to test the function of the detector for making sure that the detector can work normally.
A smoke detector tester can quickly test whether the smoke detector is functioning well.
When the installation position of the detector is high on the ceiling or high position on the wall, people can use the test device of smoke and heat detector to reach it for testing the function of the detectors.

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