Conventional system V.S Addressable system Part 1

What’s the difference between conventional system and addressable system?
It’ a big question to everyone who doesn’t know much about fire alarm system.
We will try to simplify this question for you by making a comparison table to help you easily understand the differences.

  Addressable Conventional
Wiring Two-wire communication Multi-wire connection
Function Multi-function (Linkage function, Group function…etc by programing) Simple- function (All by wiring)
Alarm location Show the exact location Show the zone area
Alarm signal Show the specific type of smoke / fire/ sprinkle…signal description on the LCD screen, combined with LED indicating lights. Alarm signal will show through the LED indicating lights on control panel
External system Expandable to Broadcasting system, Networking system, Graphic system… etc. Expandable to Broadcasting system
Applying projects

1. Large mixed residential and commercial building

2. Hospital, nursing home ,school, warehouse, lab… etc.

1. Small & medium factory, office

2. Small &medium mixed residential building

Above information is based on CM fire alarm system.
Want to know more? Part 2 to be continued…