Conventional system V.S Addressable system Part 2

Addressable system V.S Conventional system: Preference of Utilization.
Based on the comparison table in Part 1, we conclude the following utilizing preference for you.

We will suggest you use the addressable system if your project is a large mixed residential building or a commercial building, such as department store, school, warehouse, hospital, lab…etc.
The addressable system is set up in loops and normally 1 loop has 256 addressable points which means it can connect 256 devices. (Based on CM system). Big capacity is perfect for large/mixed buildings.

Since the addressable system shows you the precise location and specific device condition, it is efficient to know what happened at any corner in this complicated or huge building.
In addition, not only the fire signal, but also the trouble signal will be delivered to you via LCD screen on this intelligent addressable system.

Another advantage of addressable system in this aspect is that it requires less cable, because all of the devices connect with 2 wires communication. It’s easy and simple to add a new device into the existing system without adding extra whole set of wires.

In the aspect of conventional system, we will suggest you use this system when you are designing the small or medium buildings. Since the conventional system is set up in zones, you can separate your building into different zones.'

For example, you could set up the first floor as ‘zone 1’ and the second floor as zone 2.
So if a fire occurs in zone 1, you’ll know that the fire is somewhere on the first floor.
It’s quick to get an idea if there is fire/trouble happened by checking the indicators on the panel face or the warning sound from the buzzer in the panel. There are many informative indicators on the control panel surface to show you different situation when it receives different signals.

When it comes to the wiring, conventional system is very different from addressable system. One zone needs one set of wires and each kind of accessory needs separate set of wires to do connection. This one by one connection makes it easy to get start.

To make a short review:
Based on the above information, each system has its own specialties. Project floor plans/ sizes/ budgets are the decisive factors when considering which system is the ideal one.

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