Fire Alarm Control Panel

Fire alarm control panel or simply called it FACP, which is the key controlling component of a fire alarm system. So how does FACP work? Why do we need the FACP in fire alarm system?

The main job of the control panel is to receive the signals from the devices such as smoke/heat detectors and report fires. FACP monitors whether detectors are operating normally and controls the linked equipment automatically.
For example, when there is a fire happened in the building, FACP monitors detectors to know where the fire is and then controls the bells to ring.The warning sound of bell can notify people in the building to escape in the early stage of fire situation. This can greatly help increase the survival rate and reduce the damage.

There are two basic types of FACP: conventional type and addressable type. You can choose either type of fire alarm panel according to your projects or requirements. For further discussion, we can introduce it later in another article. And you must think, where should a FACP be located/installed in a building? We will suggest you that the FACP can be located in an enclosed room, i.e. mechanical room, security room, etc. This is for safety reason that nobody can operate the panel unless he/she gets the authority to enter the room.

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