CM-RI-01B/CM-RI-02B Addressable Module

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  • Two-wire communication

  • Two types only: built-in input or inout/output relay can apply for all devices

  • Stable communications, noise/interference resistant

  • Monitoring loops of addressable module do not need voltage for connecting with conventional detectors

  • Three-color LED indicator: monitoring, alarm, broken circuit

  • Quick-install base design for improvement of installation efficiency
FUNCTION 1 input/1 output 1 input
RELAY OUTPUT Control output both NO, NC connections
Max. capacity: 2A/30V DC
POWER CONSUMPTION 24V DC, max. 18mA in operation
COMMUNICATION LOOP Fully two-wire multiplexing transmission, Internation resistance of communication cable < 12Ω, PE insulation wrapping of 500V communication cable > 2MΩ
SUPERVISE LOOP 16V ~ 24V DC, max. output 1mA/24V DC sopplied by communication power; no extra power for relays; capable of receiving differential, heat, smoke, and other electronic detectors
TERMINAL  Addressable resistor
STATUS INDICATION Monitoring: Green LED flashing
Alarm: Red LED flashing
Broken circuit: Orange LED flashing
TEMPERATURE/RH 0°C ~ 50°C, less 95% RH, non-condensing
DIMENSION 35(W) × 80(H) × 35(D) mm
MATERIAL Fire-proof plastics
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